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Speed Limiters

PGL CONTRO speed governor and tracker

This is a superior speed limiter designed to meet the requirements of Kenya’s KS 2295-2018 standard for road speed limiters. I has the ability to detect speed using vehicle’s analogue speed sensor and prevent the vehicle from further acceleration when set speed is attained.

With it’s ability to send speed and vehicle data to more than one server; the authority’s server and our servers, the vehicle owner can use it to track the movement of their vehices on a web system or a mobile device.

Speedix Speed Limiter

We are also an authorized distributor of Speedix speed governor , The unit has meets all requirements of KS2295-2018 and is approved for installation on vehicles in Kenya.

With ability to send data to remote servers, the device can be used to track vehicle’s movement.

How to Install a PGL Speed Limiter

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