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Fleet Management

PGL Fleet Management

Power Governors Limited offers fleet management solutions to clients with large numbers of fleet. Our fleet management solutions help you stay in control and in the know of how your vehicles and drivers are doing, and how well or badly vehicles are handled.

You will also get reminders of auto services, driver licence renewal, insurance renewal and other parameters that frequently need to be checked.


Monitor how a vehicle is been handled; location, speed, speed violations, harsh-braking, acceleration and cornering, restricted geo-zones, passenger seats and man more.

Monitor the use of fuel by your vehicles. The system will show instances of refuels and how much fuel was added in the tanks.

Also get notifications of fuel siphoning, and report of the same can be scheduled to be sent at any intervals to your email. This helps reduce fuel loss by siphoning.

With driver management module, you can know and control which driver drives which vehicle. This helps you trace back events that happened to your vehicle or clients, and informs you which driver is responsible.
You can also see drivers’ rankings according to their behavior.

You can have a profile for each vehicle in your fleet, where you can save details about it’s service intervals, insurance covers, driver’s licence renewal, inspection dates, speed limiter expiry dates and the system will automatically remind you when a service is due, and send you email notifications prior to the due date.

Available Reports
  • Trip reports - beginning and end time and location of a trip, indicating total distance covered, average speed and total driving time
  • Speeding report - showing how a vehicle has been driven over a specific period of time, with average and maximum speeds per trip.
  • Stops report - where and for how long a vehicle has stopped
  • Fuel usage report - instances of refuels or drains (siphoning) and usage tracking
  • Engine hours report - how long a vehicle's engine has been running
  • Violations report - any violation for vehicles e.g. over-speeding, harsh-braking and acceleration etc
  • Maintenance report - showing maintenance tasks that are due in a few days
  • Events report - (E.G. Harsh acceleration event)
  • Geo-fences reports - showing which vehicles have left or entered a geo-zone
  • Custom report - a user can have a custom report according to their needs.