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PGL Basic Tracker is a GPS asset tracking device suitable for saloon cars, motor bikes and even heavy vehicles. It’s low power consumption makes it the most ideal for motor bikes and other low voltage capacity vehicles.

Locate your Motorbike, Personal vehicle, Taxi and other PSVs with ease. Get notifications on status, Geo-zones and remotely Immobilize your vehicle using a mobile app or a Web system.


Get a wide range of solutions from our basic Tracker including the following:

Real Time Location

Know where your vehicle is at all times using advanced maps.

Trip Playback

Get to know where your vehicle was at previous dates, and how long it covered.

Remote Immobilizer

Switch your vehicle off and render it immobile with a mobile app.


Get alerts when your vehicle leaves or enters specific areas of operation.


Get notifications when tracker is disconected, offline or when vehicle overspeeds.


Generate reports on trips, Millage covered, stops and Geo-fence visitation on demand.

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