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This is our most advanced Tracking service with modules of Driver management, Fuel management, Vehicle Maintenance module, Track Players, Scheduled reports and many more. It is more ideal for organizations with a fleet of vehicles and specific requirements.

Additional accessories for Fuel Management, Driver management and temperature management are required.


Get the following solutions from our advanced tracking services to solve your fleet issues:

Real Time Location

Know where your vehicle is at all times using advanced maps.

Trip Playback

Get to know where your vehicle was at previous dates, and how long it covered.

Remote Immobilizer

Switch your vehicle off and render it immobile with a mobile app.


Get alerts when your vehicle leaves or enters specific areas of operation.


Get notifications to your email or sms when tracker is disconected, offline, when vehicle overspeeds or when vehicle enters or leaves geo-fence.


Schedule comprehensive wide variety of reports sent directly to your email. Reports on Trips, Stops, Fuel usage, Driver behavior and many more

Driver management

Using Driver Identification kits, know who is driving which vehicle, and restrict drivers to only drive specific vehicles. Get reports on driver behavior to your email.

Fuel Management

Using advanced fuel level sensors, you can know when refuels or drains (fuel theft) happen and how many liters were added or removed. This will save you a lot of money on fuel

Temperature Monitoring

Monitor the level of temperature in different cabins of your vehicle to help you keep your goods in the right condition.


Define routes on the map which drivers should stick to and get alerts when they deviate from them.

CAN Data Reading

Get information about the vehicle on the monitoring system strait from your vehicles computer. This includes the RPM, current millage, Acceleration pedal position, fuel level, Door status and many more.

Multi level user system

With the advanced tracking service, you can have as many users as possible with levels of access and only accessing specific resources. This way, each department can access and manage their own resources.

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