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Motorcycle Tracker

Posted on 7 September, 2017 by Administrator


Power Governors Limited is a leader in providing   comprehensive  motorcycle tracking and Fleet management services. We offer tracker devices that are effective and cost friendly to meet your needs no matter your motorcycle type.


  1. GPS vehicle real-time tracking
  • Current location
  • Current route
  1. Geo-fence capability
  • Create a virtual geographical fence to restrict the operations of your vehicle/ motorcycle
  1. History and mileage report
  • View your trip logs and mileage report
  1. Remote motorcycle immobilization using the motorcycle tracking mobile App
  2. Motorcycle  identification
  3. Mobile phone Tracking
  4. Over speed reports
  5. Internal standby battery
  6. Fleet management 
  • Manage all your assets from the same platform, at the same time.
  • Save on time and expenditure
  • Increase your efficiency


  • Asset tracking: Companies that need to track valuable assets for insurance or other monitoring purposes can now plot the real-time asset location on a map and closely monitor movement and operating status.
  • Theft prevention: PGL vehicle tracking system is applicable for consumer motorcycles as a theft prevention and retrieval device. Fleet owners or operators can simply follow the signal emitted by the tracking device and locate the stolen motorcycle. When used as a security system, PGL motorcycle tracking system may serve as either an addition to or replacement for a traditional car alarm.