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Advanced PGL Contro Speed Limiter

Posted on 12 September, 2017 by Administrator

  1. PGL Advanced Speed limiter and Tracker :


  • Real Time Tracking and Speed Monitoring

  • Scheduled Reports e.g. vehicle history, trip replay(playback), journey report
  • Vehicle immobilizing feature
  • Geo fencing and Mileage reports e.g. over speeding, idling
  • Hybrid system (Combination of GSM/GPRS and Satellite Tracking)
  • The product is android enabled hence operations can be performed via a mobile phone
  • Has the option of using either the GPS or the vehicle sensor with the ability to switch between the two at customer’s convenience.

  • Bluetooth enabled hence can connect with Bluetooth devices.

  • Remote control meaning commands can be sent to the device the geographical distance notwithstanding.

  • It has internal data storage.
  • The product is tamperproof.
  • Wireless printing through the mobile applications and Bluetooth technology.

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