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Diesel Guard

Posted on 7 September, 2017 by Administrator


If you are looking for 100% fuel protect solutions, PGL Fuel Protector is guaranteed to satisfy your need. Transporters lose millions of shillings due to oil siphoning by crude drivers that end up increasing operation costs.

This product has been developed over years within context of the African Market with transporters in mind.

This market has provided PGL with the perfect platform to develop a product to meet the stringent requirements that are required to ensure that the end result is a product that is strong, maintenance free and easy to install and at the same time provide 100% solution to the prevention of costly fuel siphoning.

PGL Fuel Protector is a fuel anti siphoning device that makes sure your fuel is used for its intended purpose. Once your fuel is in, it cannot be removed.


  1. Manufactured in Stainless steel hence its Strong  and Durable
  2.  Maintenance free – Corrosion resistant.
  3. Stops Siphoning Right from  the top of the tank, at the drain plug and also at the return pipes.
  4. Rapid Fit in 20 Minutes
  5. Non- removable
  6. No Drilling and no gluing
  7. No Damage to Tank Neck
  8. No Splash back while fueling
  9. Tested on high speeds fueling pumps up to 120-160 liters per minute.
  10. 3 Years Guarantee


The anti-siphoning gadget is specifically made for every vehicle model so as to ensure a perfect fit.

Cost Benefit Analysis – Fuel theft makes a large hole in your profits. By fitting PGL Fuel Protector, you protect against theft for a lifetime. Just 10 liters of diesel fuel taken from your vehicle’s fuel tank per week at Ksh 98.78 per litre is over Ksh. 47,414.40 of lost profit over the course of the year. If this is only one vehicle, imagine your fleet of 200 trucks!

The cost of fitting the unit is one off and there are no monthly charges.

The chances of failure are nil.

It is widely known that when drivers siphon fuel, they replace it with contaminated (adulterated) fuel. The contaminated fuel damages your vehicle parts hence high costs of fuel filters replacements and repairs. Thus, fitting PGL Fuel Protector on your vehicle, gives you ultimate control to fuel theft and contamination.

PGL Fuel Protector fits all makes of trucks and buses, all types of vans and pick-ups i.e. Isuzu, Toyota, DAF, Mercedes, Scania, Mitsubishi, MAN, Volvo, Renault, Iveco, Tractors, Generators…and many more. PGL Fuel Protector fits all.

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