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  1. Our head office is at Ngara Rd, YTL Building, 7th Flr, Room 47. We also have dealers’ country wide reach to us on 0720750363.

  2. P.O BOX 203-00515 Nairobi, Kenya .

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  1. GPS (Global Positioning System) is the surveillance of location to track the location of an entity or object remotely. PGL tracking device installed in a vehicle/ motorbike allows the owner to remotely control his/her asset through the use of a mobile app or a computer using the twogps client’s log in details.

  2. Our Tracking Device comes with a backup battery that can stay up to 3 days, the battery stores charge and ensures the tracking reports continue being sent to our system.

  3. Once your vehicle is fitted with our tracking system, we immediately give the vehicle owner a User Name and Password, The vehicle owner then logs in to the twogps system online from their computer or handset using their username and password.  The Vehicle owner can see real time updates of vehicle location as well as generate reports of where the vehicle has been all day and all the locations where the vehicle stopped.

  4. Vehicle reports generated on twogps are stored in our server without getting deleted, therefore even annual reports and monthly reports can be generated whenever required.

  5. The Vehicle Tracking Device is installed by our team of Technicians

  6. Yes you can track your vehicle from your mobile phone by using the twogps app that is available for download from play store.

  7. Yes you can by clicking the Cut Off oil button from tracking app

  8. Yes, by using Geo Fencing you can specify to have your vehicle only operate within a specific geographical area, say Nairobi Metropolitan; you will receive an alert on your phone once your vehicle enters/leaves the Nairobi Metropolitan area.


  1. After one year from previous installation or renewal.

    A service MUST be done to ensure that your device complies to standards set by NTSA & functions properly.

    Schedule a service for the renewal at least 3 days before the expiry of the current certificate.


  1. It’s a device that restricts your car’s speed to a preset maximum speed (also known as a speed governor). 

    A speed limiter frees you from the need to constantly check your speedometer by maintaining a pre-set speed, leaving you free to focus more of your attention on the road.

    It ensures that you maintain a safe speed and reduces the risk that a momentary lack of concentration could land you with a speeding fine.

  2. This device does not allow the driver to accelerate beyond the stipulated speed limit by law as has been programmed in the vehicle. So no matter how the driver tends to accelerate, the pre-set speed limit will not be exceeded.

  3. PGL has three types of speed limiters;

    1. PGL,
    2. PGL Contro and,
    3. PGL advanced and tracker.
  4. Yes our PGL speed Governors are NTSA approved

  5. PGL has a team of well-trained engineers and technicians to cater for all the installation.

  6. Users are not allowed to tamper with the device but inform installers of any


  7. We have team of well trained technicians who do the repairs.

  8. The device will not allow the driver to go beyond a preset speed limit so the driver is expected to apply defensive driving technique.


  1. It won't hurt the battery if you charge it though a new car battery has plenty of charge to run the car. If you are storing the car battery you should put it on a float charger, or charge it every 2 months to keep it from sulfating.

  2. We have a range of batteries available to suit all types of motor vehicles from small cars to large trucks. Call us on 0789719985 for assistance.

  3. The difference between vented and MF batteries is that vented batteries have vents for addition of de-ionized battery water while Maintenance Free (MF) batteries are sealed in that, once it is fitted in the car, no maintenance is required. Both batteries are lead-acid batteries.

  4. Yes we do deliveries within Nairobi.

  5. Yes, we have our trained technicians who will to fit the battery for you.

  6. We do not advice our clients to fill in acid in the batteries since batteries are only filled with acid on purchase and there after filled with battery water if the level diminishes. Battery acid is hazardous and therefore only professionals are allowed to fill in a battery with acid.

  7. Yes. Our Batteries have a warranty of the first 12months after installation.


  1. Yes. The product has a 3year warranty.

  2. PGL fuel protector is made up of stainless steel hence more durable and rust free.

  3. No.  There is no any renewal charge.

  4. We have a team of well trained technicians who will do the installation for you.


  1. Unless the car alarm is wrongly installed it shouldn’t interfere with the system of the vehicle.

  2. Car alarms do not function in a vehicle with no central lock system. You’ll need to install a central lock system first that way the alarm will function as it’s supposed to.

  3. We have various types of car alarms e.g Octopus, Gulf Milano, Beemaz, Auto watch, Prestige and many more, depending on what features the clients needs.


  1. Slime is the World’s bestselling tire sealant that instantly and repeatedly repairs punctures hence preventing flat tires.

  2. Slime is available at Power Governors Limited head office in Ngara Road, Nairobi as well as our branches in Thika, Mombasa and Nyeri.

  3. Yes we do deliveries countrywide at a small fee. Call us on 0720750363

  4. Tire punctures can occur anywhere and anytime hence a need to have a preventive or corrective measure. Slime tire sealant is cheaper compared to buying new tires, time efficient in repairing flats and mostly importantly it enables you eliminate disruption to your journey

  5. Slime tire sealant repairs tread area punctures up to 1/4″ in diameter using Fibro-Seal® Technology.

  6. We have two types of Slime; slime tire sealant and slime tube sealant. Slime tire sealant is used on tubeless tires and seals up to 6mm tread area puncture while slime tube sealant is used on tube tires sealing up to 3mm tread area.

  7. Slime will seal multiple punctures repeatedly up to 2 years

  8. You can install Slime before a puncture as a preventive measure to flat tires or install after a puncture to repair a puncture. For corrective measure, Slime will be install with the aim of PGL Slime Safety Spair.

  9. This is a kit that has 473ml of Slime tire sealant and 12v tire inflator with LED Lights in a zipped bag. The tire inflator enables you inflate your tire with the push of a button.