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Esteemed PGL Stakeholder,

Following the New Speed Governor rule that was released in Nov 26TH  2018, there has been a lot of misconception  and communication error on what should be done and by when.  As a company ,we are aware of the New Standard KS 2295 – 2018 and have adequately prepared ourselves and our customers for its implementation which is scheduled to take place in the next 3 months. In this regard , we felt it prudent to share with you a short process of what is required before a Speed Governor vendor can actually supply the new units. Below is a summary illustration of what each speed governor company must go through before they are authorized to sell the New units. It is prudent to take note of this to avoid any conmen or unscrupulous vendors who take advantage of customers’ unawareness of the situation.


We believe that a knowledgeable customer will always make the right choice and that’s why we go the extra mile. We Share Because We Care .